Real time
and Languages
to Innovate


REAL-IN aims at EXPLORING crossroads of cultural, audiovisual and creative sectors for immersive and interactive proposals, exploiting 3D scanning technologies combined to XR settings.

We’ll build a PLAYGROUND for prototyping collective scenarios to boost new participatory approaches and innovative user experiences for the Creative and Cultural Industries and their audiences.

REAL-IN will activate multidisciplinary synergies in a co-creation process between creatives, coders, creative industries, with the result to BREAK SILOS between creative sectors.


REAL-IN is an alliance made of

2 major EU festivals: La Manufacture/performing arts in Avignon, VRHAM!/Visual arts and Interactive design in Hamburg; 2 innovative cultural institutions in 2 major European cities and world ranked events in creative industries: MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan and Espronceda, Institute of Art and Culture, in Barcelona), and an award-winning production company, Dark Euphoria, located in Marseille, specialised in new media and digital artistic experiences.

of activities

1. Launch of 4 international OPEN CALLS for the following sectors: Performing Arts; Music; Interactive Arts; Fashion & Design
2. Organization of WEBINARS on 3D scan settings for digital artists and people from CCIs
3. Organization of 4 RESIDENCIES and prototyping labs

4. Organization of 4 CONVENTIONS including showcases, lectures, workshops
5. Launching of 4 LABS with creative industries stakeholders • Release of an IMPACT STUDY as “white paper” for the European CCIs
6. Opening tracks for new BUSINESS MODELS