Open call for Residencies
presented by ESPRONCEDA,
La Manufacture, MEET:

Music Festivals,
Performing Arts
and Fashion Industry

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Are you a creative or artistic team developing immersive and interactive projects in Music festivals, Performing Arts or Fashion Industry?

Are you willing to experiment and prototype collective and interactive experiences?

Do you want to open new paths for innovative and participative approaches with the audience in the creative industries?

Collective and immersive digital experiences for innovation in creative industries Discover the open call for Residencies focusing on Music Festivals, Performing Arts and Fashion Industry

We are now looking for creators and artists who want to (further) develop their already existing immersive and/or interactive project (or a work in progress) by exploring the possibilities that lie in the innovation of real-time interaction based on 3d volumetric capture.

We want to encourage groundbreaking, forward-thinking implementations of this technology and participative interaction in the fields of Music Festivals, Performing Arts and Fashion Industry.

We want to support visionary approaches in digital storytelling and see your project evolve by adding an additional layer of participation and collective accessibility.

We will select 3 projects, one for each sector: Music Festivals, Performing Arts and Fashion Industry.

The final aim is to showcase the results of the 3 residencies within the framework of 3 conventions for relevant experts and industry stakeholders during 3 major international events (Sónar festival, Avignon festival and Milan Fashion Week) to present the final project state to the public as well as to engage in a fruitful exchange with experts in the field.

3 Challenges

Music festivals
Music festivals have evolved in recent decades from performances based mainly on music to being collective experiences where audiovisual production and immersion is a fundamental part. Music Festivals seek to expand both in the form of digital production and as events extended in time and space, and for this they need to generate innovative proposals that motivate new audiences.

Performing arts
Performing arts practices echo the digital transition that has been taking place over the last few decades: real time interaction, augmented live performances, hybridization of virtual and physical environments… Faced with these changes, it is essential to initiate projects that offer new ways of accessing live artistic contents (theater, dance, performance, puppetry, multidisciplinary shows) and disrupt the relationship between artists, stages and audiences.

Fashion industry
The fashion industry is one of the most vibrant and creative in Europe, always leading forward to new technologies and disruptive innovation. Fashion industries are increasingly opening up to digital opportunities allowing the exploration and enhancement of new and unconventional user experiences. We are looking for projects aimed at experimenting with new prototypes and XR scenarios based on immersive, interactive and collective environments to be implemented for example in fashion shows, retail and communication.


Call opening
5 July 2021

Call closing
26 September 2021

Publishing of the results
End of September 2021

Start of the residency
Between October and December 2021

The 3 prototypes will be showcased during 3 conventions, as follows:

  • Music team: 2 days in the course of Sonar festival - June 2022 in Barcelona – Spain

  • Performing arts team: 2 days in the course of Avignon festival - June 2022 in Avignon – France

  • Fashion team: 2 days in the course of Milan Fashion Week - June/September 2022 - Italy

Technological setting:
a new approach of extended reality through immersion and real-time interaction

The technology proposed within REAL-IN, that will be shared during the residency, is based on multi-camera 3d volumetric capture, customisable visualisation and real-time interaction. These solutions allow to capture reality live within a complete volumetric scene and to interact with it via the "natural" actions of the users in the device, i.e. without instruments in their hands or headsets on their heads. In this way spectators are engaged in new immersive experiences making them become part of the story, like actors.
This disruptive technology is developed by (Vincent Borrel and Nicolas Gambini), an innovative tech studio based in Marseille (France), dedicated to the development, support and realisation of all forms of immersive projects and experiences.

the technology